We are located in the beautiful northwest area of Montana.  Just 35 minutes from Historic Glacier Park. 
Having been raised in this valley is fortunate.  Where else can you see the snow-capped Rocky Mountains on just about any day of the year?  The scenery here is second to none as well as the wildlife for photography. 

Fishing is a great sport in the area.  There are many ponds, streams, creeks, lakes, and rivers in which to do your fishing. 

Camping is also very prevalent across the state.  Many RV parks and campsites are dotted throughout the many miles of roads here in Montana.

Approximately 22 miles from downtown Kalispell you will find a vortex.  If you have never been to one of these you are missing a great experience!  Marbles roll uphill...you can't stand up from sitting in a chair...you can't climb even 2 or 3 steps up a simple ladder....and you can feel a weird heavy sensation throughout your body.

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