Cherie Lowe: Born and raised here in Flathead Valley. A proud grandmother.  She has a sun conure  parrot named "Bootsie" who loves to screech  "MOMMY". Cherie is an avid fishing lure collector-mostly frogs and frog colored lures.  Investigating is something she has wanted to do for many years; finally just decided to start her own group and here we are!

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 Mara Nezatski:  Her family is one of inventors and they are awaiting the final testing of several inventions they have come up with.  Some of Mara's hobbies are:  martial arts, working with stained glass, poetry, inventing medical equipment, and as with all of us--watching Ghost Hunters.

Joe Guiffrida:  One of the tech team as well as investigator.  Joe likes to do anything that is related to computers, both playing on them and building them.  He loves to watch movies; mostly action, comedy, and anime.  Joe is still one of the few that actually reads, sci-fi and fantasy books of course.

 Grant Delage:  Loves working with electronics and games.  Grant  is also part of the tech team.  Enjoys just about anything that is fun, especially watching ghost clips on YouTube.  He also enjoys doing the debunking.

Alice McKenzie:  The most recent transplant to the Valley.  She as worked many years as a clinical psychologist and recently has moved into alternative healing. Alice feels very connected to animals and has had many adventures on horse back.  Divorced but living happily following the "Good Red Road".  Daughter, Scarlett, lives in Denver.  Loves sweat lodges and Native American Circle.
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